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After almost a year in lockdown, many more of us are getting used to video calls more than ever before. It’s a way of life! Until lockdown restrictions ease, job hunting has to continue online too, and video is becoming the most common way for companies to conduct interviews. So how can you make sure you’re prepared for your next video interview? Here’s our top tips.

Dress for the occasion. You’ll still be expected to dress as you would for a normal face to face interview, so dress to impress! It can be temping to stay in your jogging bottoms mind, after all, who else will see them? We find that dressing head to toe as you would for an in-person interview means you’re more in the right frame of mind as a professional.

Get used to the technology. You may have used Zoom or Teams thousands of times, but it’s still worth making sure you know how everything works and where everything is. Test your sound and microphone before you start too!

Think about your space. Set up for the interview in a place with minimum distraction and think about your background – you don’t want interviewers looking over your shoulder at a messy room!

Log on on time, but not early. Interviewers are likely briefing ahead of the interview and appreciate those few minutes before an interview starts to prepare – make sure you log on at exactly the right time to start as you mean to go on!

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