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With the rise of all things digital, many marketers are left questioning if traditional marketing methods such as flyers and brochures are even relevant these days. But there are still some surprising benefits of utilising these more traditional channels…


People still want something to look at. Depending on the sector and product, many customers still like to have something physical to refer to – and brochures and flyers can hold a lot of useful information in a well known, trusted format.

Versatility is key. Brochures and flyers have multiple purposes – they can be sent direct to customers, displayed at events and distributed from company operations.

Traditional V Digital – or not, as the case may be. Traditional forms of marketing can easily work in partnership with the digital arena – by utilising multiple channels organisations can avoid alienating any potential customers, with different channels suiting different needs and capabilities.

Traditional methods of marketing most definitely still have a place when it comes to communicating products and services, depending on the sector you’re operating in – what’s vital is an understanding of our product and audience to ensure effective communication.

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